Reviews of Milton Keynes in British Culture

Some reviews of my book Milton Keynes in British Culture have been published in recent months, and I’m very grateful for the ways in which the reviewers and editors have engaged with the work in such thoughtful and considerate ways.

The first review, by James Greenhalgh, appeared in History Australia in February, and it was wonderful to read his perspective especially as James’ own work on this period is so distinctive and wideranging in focus.

Sam Wetherell’s review for the Journal of Contemporary History was one I was particularly nervous about not only due to Sam’s impressive expertise on postwar British planned landscapes, but also because as he notes in the review, he is a former Milton Keynes resident himself. It was especially great to read that he connected with the significance of the chapter on the Concrete Cows “moral panic”, and the importance of this moment in Milton Keynes coming to be at odds with the changing political culture.

Outside of academic publishing, it was very heartening to read Holly Firmin’s excellent piece Imagining New New Towns for the equally excellent New Socialist, which drew on my book as part of considering Basildon’s legacies as a new town and the potential for a renewed commitment to transformational urban politics.

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