This is an overview of my academic publications. Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in reading more. 

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2019: Lauren Pikó, Milton Keynes in British Culture: Imagining England, Routledge, 2019.
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2017: Doctorate of Philosophy. Lauren Anne Piko, “Mirroring England? Milton Keynes, decline and the English landscape 1967-1992,” University of Melbourne. PhD awarded 10 April 2018. Open access.

Journal articles and book chapters
2022: Journal article: with Hannah Lewi, The Making of Canberra as Captured on Film (1900-1945)”, Planning Perspectives 37 (4): 795-814.  

2021: Roundtable article: with André Brett, “Trove, disability, and researching history: or, digital materialism for precarious times,” History Australia 18 (4), 855-856.

2021: Book chapter:
“Different by Design”, in Neue Städte: Vom Projekt der Moderne zur Authentisierung [New cities: From the Modern Project to Authentication]; ed. Andreas Ludwig, Wallstein Verlag. [Free to read author-accepted pre-publication version here.]

2018: Guest editor, journal special issue:
with Elizabeth J. Taylor, “Sites of consumption on the fringes of urban heritage,” Historic Environment, 30 (2): 1-9.

2018: Journal article:
“‘We’re full’: Capacity, finitude, and British landscapes, 1945-1979,” Australian Journal of Politics and History, 64(3): 450-463. [Free to read author-accepted pre-publication version here.]

2017: Journal article:
You’ve never seen anything like it”: multiplexes, shopping malls and sensory overwhelm in Milton Keynes, 1979-1986,” Senses and Society, 12(2):147-161. [Free to read author-accepted pre-publication version here.]

2017: Book chapter:
with Evan Smith, “‘Thatcher’s Bloody Britain!’: Unemployment and Gender in Neoliberal Britain in The Young Ones and Men Behaving Badly,” in Gender and Austerity in Popular Culture, eds. Helen Davies, Claire O’Callaghan. I.B. Tauris.

2015: Journal article:
Milton Keynes and the Liquid Landscape,” Landscape Review, 16 (1): 36-45.


Reports and Reviews
2019: Policy report: with Ralph Horne and Elizabeth J. Taylor, ‘Balancing Victoria: Prospects for Decentralisation’ for Balance Victoria.

Urban histories of the nation and beyond in Australia and New Zealand,” History Australia, 16 (2): 417-419. (paywalled)

Lauren Pikó, James Lesh, Victoria Kolankiewicz, “Remaking cities: the fourteenth Australasian Urban History / Planning History Conference, Melbourne, 2018,” Planning Perspectives. (paywalled).

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