Workshops & Consulting

Since 2019 I have given workshops and talks on a range of research-related topics at universities around Australia.

My approach is informed by my research in the history of knowledge and professions, and in critical disability studies. My workshops approach research and writing as embodied, temporal, sensory and whole-person lived experiences, and focus on supporting researchers in developing and articulating their voice. My work is focused on graduate and early career researchers, precarious researchers, and researchers who are multiply marginalised and from backgrounds which have been historically excluded from academia.

The topics I present on and can be consulted about include:

PhD and ECR writing
Finding Your Voice
Getting Unstuck
Managing your literature
Strategies for literature overwhelm

Research design, methodologies, methods
Research as a craft
Flexible research design: dealing with “mess”
Historical research for non-historians
Interdisciplinarity: contributions and audiences
Reflexive process documentation for effective research practice
Thinking with time and temporal orientation in research

Building research equity
Researching with and through disabilities
Building our authenticity in the face of “impostor syndrome”
Working with limitations: strategies for researchers

I have also worked as a freelance editor, fact-checker and research consultant.

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch: lauren.anne.piko[at]

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